8 Top Sports Bar, Like Kickers Dubai That You Cannot Miss

8 Top Sports Bar, Like Kickers Dubai That You Cannot Miss

The heat of football Champions leagues along with the World Cricket league, the entire globe has taken the world’s attention. And, Excellence Football Academy is now trying to contribute its part by training talented youngsters.

That being said, there is a different kind of comfort watching these leagues being comfortable at home but there is nothing more amusing than watching it in a sports bar.

Sports bars are best known for streaming live feed of any globally known leagues of any sports, be it football, cricket, or anything else. And the best part of visiting a sports bar is that you can watch your favorite game with your friends and family over a couple of drinks. For instance Kickers, Dubai sets a great example of it. 

So, if you’re visiting Dubai, or if you are a resident of Dubai, then you wouldn’t want to miss the top sports bar in Dubai. These top sports bars provide a surreal atmosphere to buckle up and anticipate any game with dozens of other fans. So, let’s check out some of these sports bars.

Top 8 Sports Bar All Over in Dubai!

As you know, Dubai is a huge place and it is needless to say that there are more than dozens of Sports bars all over the region like kickers Dubai. However, there are some particularly famous one that you may want to consider visiting:

1. Trophy Room 

Trophy Room is one of the latest additions of Sports Bar in Sheikh Zayed Road. When you enter the bar, you’d catch a glimpse of a trophy cabinet along with an exposure ceiling. But, the reason why Trophy Room is gaining popularity is that it has a number of large screens with a King screen among them to depict the edgy atmosphere. If you’re in Fairmont, then Trophy Room is a must-visit sports bar. 

2. Stables/Rodeo Drive

If you’re still in Fairmont and sceptical about visiting a Sports bar, then Stables is another great choice in the same locality. When you venture inside, you will find deals on happy hours, a comfortable interior to relax and watch the games on big screens. Another great feature of Stables is that it has a second floor that goes up to Rodeo Drive. So, when the first level becomes crowded, you can always head up to watch the game on another set of large screens. 

3. The Huddles Sports Bar & Grill 

If you are an Al Barsha resident or visiting the locality of Citymax Hotel, this bar would be the best choice for you. If you like interior designing then this bar has surely carved out great designs. You’d find football jerseys hanging on the surrounding walls with huge screens. No matter which game you prefer watching, be it cricket, football, basketball or rugby, you can enjoy them all here. Alongside this, you get to spend a great deal of time enjoying meals and drinks. 

4. Kickers Sports Bar 

You’ve most likely heard of Dubai Sports City which is entirely significant for heightened amusement and entertainment. If you are here, then you cannot miss Kickers Dubai Sports Bar as it’s one of the most popular sports bars in Dubai Sports City. When you visit the bar, you’d have the perfect ambiance with large screens surrounded everywhere. There is also a terrace with a large screen so that you can watch the game with the feeling of being outdoors. And this does not end here. There are other reasons behind its popularity. For instance, Friday Brunch, Quiz Night, Ladies Night, and much more to make the space more lively. 

5. The Rose & Crown

Some of us are really particular about the games and the leagues. And, there are selectively places that meet our desire and one such example is, The Rose & Crown. Those who live in Dubai and are interested in watching the English Premier League, then this is the spot for you. Similar to other sports bars, The Rose & Crown offers you large screens to watch your favorite match from. That being said, the pub also gets its popularity due to good music and other games like pool or dart. So, if you are looking forward to spending some time in Meydan of Downtown Dubai, don’t forget this spot. 

6.  Qube Sports Bar

If it’s the luxury you are looking for, then another great choice called Qube Sports Bar in the same locality as the previous one would be your next stop destination. The reason why the Qube Sports Bar is known for a luxurious place is the big cubicle screen that is located in the central area of the bar. The cube is so big that everyone in the room can watch the game. Along with that, you can spend a great time playing pool and dart with your friends, when the game is in half time.  

7. Stars n Bars

If you haven’t heard of Stars n Bars then it is most likely because it is new in La Mer island of Palm Jumeirah. The surrounding space is intricate as it’s located just at the coastal line which makes it a perfect spot of nightlife. Inside the bar, you will get a glimpse of wall art everywhere and also get the feeling of watching the game on multiple large screens. Additionally, you can spend half time using video game machines, foosball tables, and other fun games on the side. 

8. Barrel 12

Another great choice of an ideal Sports bar would be Barrel 12 located in Palm Jumeirah. If you are visiting there, be sure to find multiple comfortable spots to relax and watch the game on big screens. Along with that, you also get to catch a breathtaking sight of Palm Marina East. This is a reason why many choose to come to Barrel 12. 


The list of a top Sports bar in Dubai does not end here. There are plenty of other significant Sports bars that you must research and check out. However, these 8 Sports bars are spectacular and people’s choice, so gear-up and take your friends out to watch the game tonight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are kickers located in Dubai?

The kicker’s Sports bar is located in Dubai Sports City. If you are in this locality, Kickers sets an ideal place for watching games with your friends and family around. 

Where can I watch football in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are plenty of places to watch football. For example, Safa Park, The Kana cafe, Barasti Beach Bar, The Underground, Football Center, and more other places. 

Where can I watch NFL games in Dubai?

If you are eager to watch NFL games, then the ideal spots would be Nezesaussi Grill, Spike Bar, Kickers, Perry & Blackwelder, and McGettigan JLT. Visit these places for watching live NFL games. 

Where can I watch El Clasico in Dubai?

If you are particular about watching El Clasico, then refer to places like Zero Gravity, Kickers, Barasti, Bidi Bondi, Real Madrid cafe, and more.