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Welcome to the Excellence Football Academy.com, the football academy that allows you to train as a full-time professional footballer. Our UAE based football academy encourages development in football skills while understanding the need for continued education. We run a variety of football training and study programmes, where football players can gain internationally recognised qualifications.


Our motto “move forward together” ensures that each individual who enters the academy develops and improves both on and off the pitch. Whether this development is into professional football in the Uae, internationally, employment or further education.



Fully recognising the role of the EFA coach our player-centred approach focuses on our development plan by which we create a positive football environment enabling players to enjoy and progress their skill development without the added pressure of match day results. To compliment quality coaching already received at clubs and league centres EFA can provide an additional session to increase your player’s contact hours, with age-appropriate structured and theme-based training sessions technical practices and small-sided games.

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What does EFA mean?

EFA means bringing together players and giving them access to professional football training in their own environment whatever their age, gender, physical condition, skin colour, religion or ethnic origin. EFA also promotes socialising, sharing human values and promotes the pleasure of practising the marvellous sport of football while providing a pathway to professional football careers and scholarships to coveted universities.

EFA (Excellence Football Academy)

EFA was started by coach Matthew (Obm) to provide players in our local communities with a very well organised set-up which operates in a safe & friendly environment for all. We are extremely passionate about what we do and the important role we provide to players in our
communities and to grassroots level. We strongly believe the most important thing is that the players enjoy playing football, receive qualified, professional & friendly coaching …

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Integral Role of Excellence Football Academy Dubai

Integral Role of Excellence Football Academy Dubai

We facilitate globally-recognized amenities for football practice in Dubai. And, Excellence Football Academy has already placed a gem of players in most popular football clubs in Dubai.

With years of experience, our football academy is the most diligent place helping the students to learn every football skill and tactics, with perseverance, to fulfil your football dreams, along with the great coaches and an outstanding ground, and location.

How Excellence Football Academy in Dubai Make a Difference?

Excellence Football Academy has extracted the best out of the football facilities. Thus, our players can access the best football opportunities around the world.

Here’s what makes our football academy one of its kind:

  • We never discriminate among colour, age and gender. Anyone who is interested in this particular sport can willingly register with us. Moreover, registration with us is 24/7 open.
  • Only qualified and certified coaches will guide you. Additionally, we emphasize on one-to-one coaching measures for the improvement of the football techniques.
  • Both indoor and outdoor practice sessions are available. Specially-abled players are treated with extra care and attention. Moreover, Excellence Football Academy offers a match kit and training kit for every player.
  • Players attend 90-minute long sessions to adapt to the environment, physical toughness and mental preparation. These would upgrade their football tactics and understanding among teammates.
  • Players can encounter all-year active sessions. Moreover, players can check their abilities with friendly matches. There are intra-academy and inter-academy football matches held twice a year.
  • Parents can communicate with coaches, physical trainers for consistent performance updates of corresponding players, indeed.
  • Players can gain access to football clubs depending upon their annual performance. From Cup, Friendly, and League match to Summer tournaments, everything is possible with Excellence Football Academy.
  • As a bonus tip for extraordinary performance levels, we honour such players with trophies. And, eligible students can earn attractive scholarships for higher-level studies.

Why Join Excellence Football Academy?

Football offers you great career opportunities if practiced from an early age. Additionally, it needs professional and proper guidance to build up the instinct towards the game.

Excellence Football Academy is here for providing physical and mental training sessions to reap benefits for the global-standard for the sport. Whether it is your off-season training or you want to involve your kids in the sport, Excellence Football Academy is an undeniable choice in the UAE. 

Here’s why you should consider football training at our academy:

Wonderful Environment

Excellence Football Academy has arranged a world-standard environment for practising football. Be it for national, friendly tournaments or appropriate for kids’ training, we have endorsed every kind of ambient that suits your training sessions. 

Best-in-Class Instructors and Football Coaches

We have teamed up with excellent coaches from all over Dubai. All the appointed coaches are friendly, extremely professional, certified and highly acknowledged. So, they can teach you from the beginning and groom you to the most advanced level of the sport.

Activities to Enhance Football Skills

We realize that extra-curricular activities are essential for football players. They strongly intensify physical strength and mental sharpness. That’s why we haven’t compromised with extra-curricular training sessions. Such activities engage both the body and mind of players.

Why Join Excellence Football Academy?

Right Management

Football practicing determines the style of playing along with technical ability. Under the guidance of our special coaches, you will learn how to change the style, tactics and tackling with time and understand the strategy of the opponent team players. 

Customized Exercise Regime

Our football experts have designed every set of exercise that suits the football playing techniques. So, the players don’t get out of the track. The right exercise will help them to stay fit and stick them to their passion.

Focus on Life Lessons

Practicing with the team creates an emotional and social bond with the teammates. Consequently, the players would understand the values of team games, sacrificing their own ego and physical endurance. 

No Partiality Bothered

At Excellence Football Academy, there is no place and scope of partiality. If the player is eligible enough to qualify for national and international matches, then we would carve the right path for him or her. We believe every player must get equal opportunities to prove their performance graph. We support the players throughout their football career. 

With Excellence Football Academy Dubai, you can explore a new horizon for football practice. Moreover, you can excel by improving your skills and mindset through our special guidance and sessions. So, register with us, today and be at the top of the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the football coaches reliable enough?2020-10-08T16:12:46+00:00

Each professional trainer is certified and reliable. You can trust them anytime. More than thousands of parents have put their trust with Excellence Football Academy. So, without any hesitation, you can register your kids at the academy. They will be offered prolonged training sessions every week. So, choose your preferred date and time by just contacting the support team executives. 

Do players prepare to get selected in a Football Club?2020-10-08T16:12:11+00:00

Obviously, the interested and dedicated players train hard to get selected in one of the best football clubs. Till now, many players have been selected in renowned football clubs to play state-level matches. So, you can send your kid to Excellence Football Academy. The professional coaches are always there for them. They take pride in every small-big achievements. 

What do football academies mainly look for in a player?2020-10-08T16:11:25+00:00

Being one of the best youth football academies in Dubai, Excellence Football Academy has gained a reputable place. And, all the professional trainers mainly look for physical fitness and skill learning ability. If the player lacks both of these, the mentors are there to guide them. So, all you have to do is register and don’t miss out on these opportunities. 

Are the facilities at a football academy meant for children of every age?2020-10-08T16:10:49+00:00

You get the guarantee that your kid will absolutely like the environment of the football academy. The team of experts effectively handles the passionate young footballers and the other facilities. There are a huge football ground and a restroom in the academy which are one of the most important and required aspects. Besides, you will get medical equipment, if the players come across with an accident while playing.

How to contact Excellence Football Academy?2020-10-08T16:10:15+00:00

Just look for the official website of Excellence Football Academy. Next, move to the “Contact Us” section and fill the boxes with required information like your name, email address, and your statement. Send that, the executives will promptly answer your every question regarding the football academy. You can even drop an email or call us at to clear out your doubts.

What kind of facilities does a football academy provide after joining?2020-10-08T16:09:43+00:00

Once you join the Excellence Football Academy, you will get a plethora of benefits. This includes personalized training kit, personalized match kit, personalized tracksuit, and other required team equipment. Additionally, you get a public liability insurance cover, a wide range of summer tournaments, league, cup, and friendly matches. There is also a midweek team training session for the newcomers. The players are provided with a trophy after the end of the season based on their performance. 

How to join the Excellence Football Academy?2020-10-08T16:09:07+00:00

Whether you want to join the academy as a trainer or learner, simply visit the official website. You will get every detail in the notification section. Kindly, fill the required credentials and become a member of the football academy. You can even check out the social media accounts for further details. The team is always overwhelmed to have new candidates on board. 

What qualifications one requires to join the Football Academy?2020-10-08T16:08:28+00:00

No such criteria are needed to join our football academy. The football academy is open for everyone, irrespective of their age. However, your kid should be 4 or 5 years, and he/she needs to be a fast learner to acknowledge all the skills and tactics. So, don’t hesitate to join the academy. The experienced coach will dedicatedly help the young minds kid to make goals and create an eminent footballer.

How much does it cost to get registered under Football Academy?2020-10-08T16:07:47+00:00

Excellent Football Academy is one of the best football training centers across the UAE. The entire team believes in excellence and accuracy. The sole aim is to teach all the young kids the required skills that they need to become a professional football player. So, don’t worry about the cost. Because, a minimal amount is charged based on the session period.

Are there trained football coaches in your football academy?2020-11-03T09:02:44+00:00

Yes! Excellent Football Academy is filled with renowned and highly skilled and trained football coaches. Moreover, the professional football coaching team has years of experience in training young kids who have a keen interest in playing football. The football coaching team also possesses outstanding communication skills. They are the best guide, friend, and teacher one can ever think of.

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